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The advanced level

Euroccl, Amman, Jordan

Arabe General 20 Clases semanales

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The advanced level
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09:00 - 12:45
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lun, mar, mié, jue, dom
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Niveles: Avanzado - Nivel C1

Finding the detailed information in a script.
Understanding the basic points and the general concept for an extended script.
Following a group of extended directions.
Differentiating between facts and opinions.
Identifying the musical sounds differences.
Identifying the characteristics and the style of a script.
Identifying the relations that connect the speakers in a conversation.
Identifying the emotional status of the speaker.
Understanding the details in short conversations about certain unfamiliar topics.

Reading a script (3-5 paragraphs) and setting the main idea.
Reading a script (5-10 paragraphs) then searching for specific words.
Setting the logical relationships that are expressed by the conjunction tools in a script (3-5 paragraphs) about unfamiliar topics.
Following a tale or a description, in which the events are not in order.
Setting the exiting topics from the main line in a written script .
Understanding the hidden and functional goals of the script.
Differentiating between the main and marginal information related to a script.

Speaking and oral interaction:
Presenting the oral presentation about a familiar topic.
Using a number of formal and informal speech styles.
Participating in a group in order to solve a number of problems, which require some assumptions.
Questioning about abstract topics and answering the questions.
Using a number of speech strategies.

Using punctuation marks.
Writing a short essay, divided into paragraphs, to present the main information.
Quick writing, erasing, and correcting by considering them a part of writing drafts and composing.
Using the preparation writing strategies.
Using the revision writing strategies.


Queen Rania str. 364, Amman, Jordan

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Datos sobre la escuela: Euroccl

Cantidad de aulas: 7

N º promedio de estudiantes por aula: 6

Edad mínima de los estudiantes: 18

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Distancia desde el aeropuerto: 40 km.

Aeropuerto más cercano: Queen Alia Airport

Año de inauguración de la escuela: 2011

Horarios de la escuela: 8:00 - 8:00

Fechas de cierre: ver

Información para estudiantes

•We offer a team of highly qualified, experienced and caring teachers – some of the best educators in the field. The most of our Arabic Teachers are PhD holders and have made it their life’s work (at the University of Jordan or at the Damascus University) to teach and support learners, especially those who have language difficulties. And it shows in the way they work with the students and in the outstanding results we deliver.

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