Andrioti School

Quality School Award 2014

The Quality School Award certifies that Andrioti School in Corfu, Grecia has achieved high quality standards in its range of language courses and students services.

The Quality School Award is given to schools with high appeal for international students, with an unbroken record of best value for money compared to hundreds of schools served by In addition, they show a high quality in education, course availability and impeccable customer service history.

The award is recognition of the emphasis that Andrioti School place on quality language teaching combined with the pleasant atmosphere of the school in Corfu, Grecia and the care and attention the schools' staff pay to international students as well as their efforts to make learning languages affordable.

The award promotes awareness of performance excellence as an increasingly important element in competitiveness within language schools in Corfu, Grecia. Our Quality School Award identifies, recognizes and encourages excellence in the services that language schools provide. To receive a Quality School Award, an organization must have a role-model organizational management that ensures continuous improvement in delivering educational services, commitment and professional, demonstrates efficient and effective operations, and provides a way of engaging and responding to students and customers and other stakeholders. In addition to the evaluations of the lanaguage schools by former students who book their language course at Andrioti School through The award is not given for specific language courses. 

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Puntuación: 97%

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"I would highly recommend this school!!Everything was perfect!I learned so much and improved my langu..."