ABRASEEIO - Associacao Brasileira das Empresas Especialistas em Intercambio para Oceania

ABRASEEIO - Associacao Brasileira das Empresas Especialistas em Intercambio para Oceania
Concerned with raising increasing the quality of services provided to students seeking Oceania as a destination for educational development, particularly for improvement of the English language, a group involving the majority of companies operating in this market in Brazil, met to discuss issues and actions that could lead them in this direction. Initially there was there a thin line between the interests in this as well as clear objectives in common among all. Then derived from this initial meeting, after a detailed process of awareness and analysis, the need for the creation of an association and the 16th day of October of 2009, after completion of all legal formalities, was created ABRASEEIO - Brazilian Association of Specialists in exchange for Oceania.
Promote Oceania as a destination for study, uniting schools, exchange agencies, governments and companies in the industry; Creating standards of conduct and performance in the market; Strengthening sector, bringing security, credibility and respect for the market and its consumers.
Currently ABRASEEIO is already recognized by both schools as the main organs connected with the industry and governments such as Australia Immigration , Education New Zealand , Imigration New Zealand , Study in Australia.


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